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The Three Musketeers starring John Wayne

The Three Musketeers starring John Wayne on DVD

1933 USA – 210 Minutes
Black & White – 12 Chapter Serial
Directed by Colbert Clark & Armand Schaefer
Starring John Wayne, Ruth Hall & Lon Chaney Jr.

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This swashbuckling serial opens with American Army Pilot (John Wayne) saving three French Legionnaires from certain death at the hands of an Arab army. A desert rebellion has overtaken an Arab kingdom and the French Foreign Legion finds itself fighting for its life. Early on in the serial Wayne is framed for a murder and is forced to desert from the American Army. A wanted man, he joins his comrades in the Legion. There he attempts to clear his name while fighting alongside the Frenchmen against the Arab revolt. The film is crammed with death-defying stunts, flying fists, battles galore and marvelously fun cliff-hanging endings. As each chapter ends you will bite you nails wondering if Wayne and his fellow musketeers will survive and accomplish their mission of finding the mysterious rebellion leader the dastardly El Shaitan.

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