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Nothing Sacred Movie Starring Carole Lombard on DVD

Nothing Sacred Movie Starring Carole Lombard on DVD

1937 USA – 75 Minutes
Technicolor – Romance
Directed by William A. Wellman
Starring Carole Lombard, Frederick March

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A New York reporter (Frederick March) is scammed by a fraudulent huckster which disgraces his newspaper. He discovers a story about a young girl dying of radium poisoning (Carole Lombard) and convinces his editor to bring her to New York and run a series of articles. Unfortunately for March the girl and her doctor only want a free trip to the big city and the whole thing is a hoax. The city runs out the red carpet for the girl and the whole scheme soars out of control with one honor after another piled upon the supposedly dying Lombard. In the mean time March and Lombard fall in love. It is at that point things go wildly wrong for the couple in this zany romantic comedy ably directed by William A. Wellman.

1937 USA – 111 Minutes
Black & White – Romance
Directed by William A. Wellman
Starring Janet Gaynor, Frederick March, Adolph Menjou

A young woman (Gaynor) who aspires to be an actress arrives in Hollywood with a bucket full of dreams. Life is tough for young actresses and only after she meets famous star Norman Maine (March) does she get a break in film. Their romance turns into a loving marriage but slowly her fame grows while Maine’s star fades. The downward spiral of alcohol drags March into the gutter where he is rescued by Gaynor and his best friend and producer Oliver Niles (Menjou). Gaynor’s loyalty and love are touching but March seems lost and willing to be swallowed up by the egos and backstabbing in the very tough business of show business.

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