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Reefer Madness starring Dorothy Short 1936 DVD

Reefer Madness starring Dorothy Short on DVD


Reefer Madness (aka Doped Youth)
1936 — USA — B&W
Drama — 56 minutes
Directed by Louis J. Gasnier
Starring Dorothy Short, Kenneth Craig, Lillian Miles

Peer through the haze of marihuana smoke as this over the top film follows a group of dope-smoking students descending into the depths of hell. Yes, the evil weed marihuana will drive you insane! Structured almost like a government propaganda film, the plot revolves around the murders of a student and a drug dealer.

Viewed from the sophistication of today's films, this movie is so corn-ball and goofy that it is actually rather hilarious and entertaining. One wonders if our predecessors were really so naïve.

Bonus movie also included:
1937 — USA — B&W
Drama — 57 minutes
Directed by Dwain Esper
Starring Harley Wood, Hugh McArthur, Dorothy Dehn

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