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A Matter of Honor - Rugby's Finest Hour DVD

A Matter of Honor - Rugby's Finest Hour DVD by Marengo Films

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A Matter of Honor-Rugby's Finest Hour
(Sports/Drama - 1994 - USA - 97 Minutes - Color)

Directed by Fred Watkins
Starring Jackson Bostwick and Rebecca Gray

A Napoleonic history professor and rugby coach at a small college teaches his students to be honorable on the field and in their personal lives. His old college nemesis returns to campus and challenges his belief that it’s the game that counts, not the win. The death of a student during a rugby match results in the loss of respect from his students and the woman he loves. Faced with a forced resignation, the professor embarks on a mission to clear his name the only way he knows challenging his nemesis to a game more ancient than rugby... a duel.

This is a Marengo Original Film.

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