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Classic Love Story Films Double Feature

Classic Love Story Films Double Feature

1939 USA – 87 Minutes
Black & White – Romance
Directed by Leo McCarey

Starring Irene Dunn & Charles BoyerIn this film from Hollywood’s Golden Age Irene Dunn (Terry McKay) falls in love with a refined gadfly-playboy Michael Marnet (Boyer) while on ocean liner. Their romance grows on the romantic voyage and both Dunn and Boyer slowly fall in love. As the voyage ends they realize they must separate because of previous lovers and they depart the ship with broken hearts. Determined to make lives without each other it slowly becomes obvious to both of them that is impossible. As they finally decide to meet fate intervenes and all is seemingly lost. Miss Dunn is fabulous in this film and Mr. Boyer plays his part to perfection. This is a perfect romance spun up by the superb direction of Leo McCarey.

1954 USA – 116 Minutes
Technicolor – Romance
Directed by Richard Brooks
Starring Elizabeth Taylor, Van Johnson, Walter Pidgeon, Donna Reed

The personal lives of a group of young Americans living in post-war Paris are explored in this wonderful romantic drama. Van Johnson and a lovely Elizabeth Taylor play their parts to perfection first as a young couple in love and then as a couple that have been married for a while. All the pressures of conquest, love, and marriage coupled with the trials and temptations which surround a couple in romantic Paris come into play. Donna Reed and Walter Pidgeon as sister and father are superb in their supporting roles. The film is loosely based on F. Scott Fitzgerald’s “Babylon Revisited”.

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