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Lady of Burlesque starring Barbara Stanwyck DVD

Lady of Burlesque starring Barbara Stanwyck on DVD

Lady of Burlesque

1943 USA – 91 Minutes
Black & White – Mystery
Directed by William A. Wellman
Starring Barbara Stanwyck, Michael O’Shea

Based on Gypsy Rose Lee’s “G String Murders” the Lady of Burlesque takes us back stage into the seedy world of burlesque. Rising star Dixie Daisy (Stanwyck) is the headliner in the troupe and actually steals the show with her terrific song and dance routines. The film captures the dying art form of burlesque with it’s behind the curtain romances and jealousies. Throughout the film a murder is stalking the performers and one by one the girls in the line are found strangled by their own G strings. We feel sorry for the struggling young women who aspire to attain stardom and never will. Director Wellman has directed a superbly entertaining film which takes us back to a place in time that will never return.

Bonus classic movie also included:

The Strange Love of Martha Ivers

1946 USA – 116 Minutes
Black & White – Drama
Directed by Lewis Milestone
Starring Barbara Stanwyck, Van Heflin, Kirk Douglas

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