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Go for Broke starring Van Johnson 1950 DVD

Go For Broke starring Van Johnson on DVD

Go For Broke
(War - 1950 USA – 91 Minutes – B&W)
Directed by Robert Pirosh -
Starring Van Johnson, Lane Nakano, Henry Nakamura

The film’s title is the motto of the 442nd US Army Regiment. Set in WW II the unit was formed of Japanese Americans and sent to Europe to fight the Nazi’s. The exploits of this fine regiment are depicted as they fight their way through Italy, France and into Germany.

Bonus feature also included:

Battle of El Alamein
(War - 1969 - French/Italian – 96 Minutes – Cinemascope – COLOR)
Directed by Calvin Jackson Padget -
Starring Michael Rennie , Frederick Stafford

Both classic films on one DVD only $9.99!

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