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Bob Hope Classic Films

Bob Hope Classic Films DVD Double Feature! (MRG-0016)

Road to Bali
(Comedy - 1952 - USA - 88 min. - Color)

Directed by Hal Walker
Starring Bob Hope, Dorothy Lamour, Bing Crosby

Hope and Crosby play a couple of Vaudeville crooners in this zany comedy of two men after the same woman (Lamour). They end up chasing her to the South Seas Island of Bali. There the two must contend with every type of jungle danger one might imagine from cannibals to crocodiles. Several cameos by Hollywood stars including Bogart.

My Favorite Brunette
(Comedy - 1947 - USA - 89 min. - B&W)

Directed by Elliott Nugent
Starring Bob Hope, Dorothy Lamour, Lon Chaney Jr.

Hope, a baby photographer, has grand designs to be a private eye, so when the great detective Sam McCloud leaves town, Hope takes over his office... and his identity. When Lamour arrives in distress, Hope offers his help with disastrous results.

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