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Bloodlust/Amazing Transparent Man DVD Double Feature (MRG-0038)

(Horror - 1959 USA – 69 Minutes – B&W)
Directed by Ralph Brooke
Starring Robert Reed

Four unsuspecting teenagers in search of fun and adventure on a tropical island find themselves instead on an island from hell. They soon stumble upon stuffed humans, vats of acid, and chopped corpses. They find that the island’s owner would rather hunt humans than animals.

Amazing Transparent Man
(Science Fiction - 1959 USA – 59 Minutes – B&W)
Directed by Edgar G. Ulmer –
Starring Douglas Kennedy, James Griffith

A mad major holds a brilliant scientist hostage so that he can perfect a machine that will make men transparent. The demented major wants to create an army of invisible men to take over the earth.

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