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Bela Lugosi Movies

Bela Lugosi Movies

Bela Lugosi DVD Double Feature!

Buy the Bela Lugosi movies, Invisible Ghost & The Copse Vanishes on one DVD only $9.99 at Marengo Classic films. FREE Shipping in the US!

Invisible Ghost
(Horror - 1941 - USA - 64 min. - B&W)
Directed by Joseph H. Lewis
Starring Bela Lugosi, Polly Ann Young

Pity the man who has a domineering wife and poor Bela has the wife from Hell. Slowly, cunningly, the women in Bela’s life begin dying off. As the plot thickens we find the poor damsels are stricken not by sickness but by murder… strangulation. A very messy business, this… awful really… need we mention to keep an eye on your own wife?

The Corpse Vanishes
(Horror - 1942 - USA - 64 min. - B&W)
Directed by Wallace Fox
Starring Bela Lugosi, Luana Walters

A mad scientist and virgin brides offer up a creepy blood draining horror feature. Bela and a delightfully ghoulish group of fiends create havoc as they begin murdering young brides. Delectable horrors will chill your bones as you slowly discover the reasons behind Bela’s madness.

"Marengo's one-sided disc features flawless transfers of both films. This was my first purchase of a Marengo DVD, but it won't be my last. Keep up the good work, fellas." — Mark Clark, Digital Dungeon

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