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Animated Christmas Classic DVD

Animated Christmas Classic DVD


Santa and the Three Bears
(1979 - USA - 60 min. - Animated, Color)

A jolly retired park ranger recounts the time that he tried to bring Christmas to a mother bear and her two cubs, snowed in for the winter. He puts on a Santa Claus suit and takes presents to the bear family, only to be blocked by a blizzard. Little does he know that the real Santa Claus has things well in hand and delivers the toys and joy to the bear cubs on the night before Christmas.

The Little Burro
(1978 - USA - 45 min. - Animated, Color)

A little burro is too small to work for his master, so the man takes him to the village where he is sold for only one coin to Joseph. The little burro carries Mary to Bethlehem, where he witnesses the birth of the baby Jesus in the manger. A truly beautiful look at this very special day through the eyes of an adorable, lovable animal.

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